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  • USD$59000


  • Shock structure (resist shock)
  • Dust-Bodoro structure (mud resist)
  • Anti-reflective coating sapphire glass
  • Screw lock crown
  • Vibration resistance structure
  • Neoburaito
  • 20 ATM water resistant
  • Bezel Case Material: Resin / Stainless Steel
  • Resin Band
  • Tough Solar (solar charge system)
  • Radio reception function: Automatic reception (maximum 6 times / day) (China radio waves up to 5 times / day) / manual reception, 
    <Japan> reception radio wave: JJY, Frequency: 40kHz / 60kHz (Fukushima / both bureau in Kyushu model) 
    < North America region> reception radio wave: WWVB, Frequency: 60 kHz 
    <European region> reception radio wave: MSF / DCF77, Frequency: 60 kHz /77.5KHz 
    <China> reception radio wave: BPC, Frequency: 68.5kHz 
    * Home time set in the city capable of receiving If you set, you will receive a station tailored to the city. The time difference is set by the selected city.
  • Needle position automatic correction function
  • Needle retraction function (manual, automatic (altitude, air pressure, when the temperature measurement))
  • World time: 29 cities (29 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC time display (Universal Time Coordinated), UTC direct call function, time city home features replacement
  • Orientation measurement function: 16 orientation and direction measuring the angle (0 ° ~ 359 °), the orientation continuous measurement (60 seconds), the north position guidance function, magnetic declination correction function, orientation correction function
  • Atmospheric pressure measurement function (measurement range: 260 ~ 1,100hPa), atmospheric pressure tendency graph (Display the past 20 hours), pressure difference indicator (± 10hPa), and arrows in the case that happened is a change in barometric pressure trend information alarm (characteristic pressure and we will inform you with sound information)
  • Advanced measurement functions / relative altimeter (measurement range: -700 ~ 10,000m), advanced memory (measurement date, time, altitude 30 lines maximum manual memory, automatic recording data (maximum / minimum altitude, auto integration (up / down memory)), altitude tendency graph, altitude difference indicator (± 100m / ± 1000m), measurement interval setting function (5 seconds / 2 minutes each) ※ only every second the first three minutes
  • Temperature measurement function (measurement range: -10 ~ 60 ℃)
  • Stopwatch (1/100 second, a total of 24 hours, split)
  • Timer (set unit: 1 minute, set up: 60 minutes, measured in seconds)
  • Five alarm clock strikes
  • Battery indicator displays
  • Power saving function in the dark to save power and hand movement to stop turn off the display after a certain time)
  • Full Auto Calendar
  • 12/24 hour display switching
  • Beep ON / OFF switching function
  • Double LED Light 
    dial for LED lights (full auto light, afterglow function, afterglow switching time (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)), LCD part for LED backlight (full auto light, afterglow function, switching afterglow time (1.5 seconds / with 3 seconds))
  • Driving time from solar power in the state without the full charge 
    If the function is used: approximately 6 months 
    If the power saving state: about 25 months Home Time city (city-functional receiver) / received signal Tokyo / Japan standard radio JJY40 · JJY60 (Honolulu), (Anchorage), Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York / American standard radio WWVB London, Paris, Athens / British Standard MSF · standard radio wave of Germany DCF77 Hong Kong / Chinese standard radio BPC ※ () in Each city is also if the condition is to be received in good of. ※ If you do not receive radio waves, it will work in the usual quartz accuracy (± 15 seconds per month difference). ※ altimeter is a relative altimeter for highly converting the pressure change. A change in air pressure due to natural phenomena, the change in the height of measurement. ※ When you measure the outside air temperature, remove the watch from the wrist, body temperature, sweat (water droplets), please do not be affected, such as direct sunlight.

  • Size (H × W × D) / mass: 59.5 × 56.1 × 18mm / 119g
  • LED: White

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